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Book Review- Five Traits of a Christ Follower

Five Traits of a Christ-Follower is edited by Doug Nuenke, with writing contributions from many Christian leaders, speakers, ministers, and theologians.  The book is slightly larger than pocket-sized with just over 70 pages.  The theme of this book hinges on a simple spiritual truth of becoming a Christian in action by emphasizing prayer, witnessing, fellowship, and the Word of God, all with Christ at the center.  If you have been grappling with how to live out the Christian life more fully, this short book lays out practical ways in which you can become a better disciple yourself, while also making other disciples for Christ.

This book takes you through five traits of someone who can truly say they follow Christ.  These five traits are: walking with Jesus, knowing and living the scriptures, participating in community, engaging with those who don’t know Christ, and reproducing spiritual generations.  Each trait in the book has selections from various Christian leaders who share a Bible verse and a personal story or example of how to live out that specific trait.  At the end of each short devotion, are questions pertaining to how you see yourself in light of these traits, and also questions that will challenge the way you live life going forward.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this read.  This book would be well suited to give to someone who is a new believer in Christ, or anyone who wants to live a more fully abandoned life of surrender to the Lord and His discipleship training.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book by Tyndale Publishing House in exchange for a review.