Sponsorship through Compassion International

If you have ever thought of sponsoring a child through an organization, but have never jumped in…consider Compassion International. I had heard wonderful things about Compassion, but needed to do some research on my own. Through Charity Navigation and user reviews online, there is an abundant amount of information about how transparent, and wonderful this Charity is. It has been featured and tauted among the best Charities by numerous well known media sources. I had always wanted to sponsor a child, but kind of felt that I wasn’t sure if it would really make a difference or not. Compassion has tons of videos showing the process and showing the children, they have over one million sponsers and a good deal of sponsors share their personal stories and blogging about the relationship they have with their children on the compassion site as well as independant blogs. Compassion also allows you to travel to the country where your child lives through Compassion Tours. So it is feasable that you (if you had the resources) could travel to meet your sponsered child and tour their center.

We finally decided to do it, and I am glad we did, because I know that a child’s life will be changed forever. I cannot imagine the poverty that is experienced in these countries, and since I can’t imagine it, I know we have more than enough to share. We are sponsering Sara Rosario who is from Guatemala! She is 11 years old, and I am so excited to correspond with her! I can’t wait to see how the Lord will take this small thing and use it for His glory!

Think about it…by forgoing something like eating out or a night at the movies every month, a child and their family will have opportunites that seem so small to us, but make all of the difference in their lives!


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