True North


“Now you can have sincere love for each other as brothers and sisters because you were cleansed from your sins when you accepted the truth of the Good News. So see to it that you really do love each other intensely and with all your hearts. “ 1 Peter 1:22

I once heard a preacher say that love is not a feeling, it is a choice. I have to agree and here is why…

Can we be honest? Sometimes people can be unkind…and in light of that we may struggle to feel love for them. And yet, we must choose to love people because God commanded us to. The choice to love often supersedes the feeling and the route in getting there is faith. When we choose to love we will see over time that the love is more real than a simple feeling….it becomes…well genuine.

The more we grow in love the more compassion, peace, and joy we have to dispense to others…and it will be a weighty dose. Since God doesn’t spare anything in sharing His love with us, why do we withhold love when it has the power to transform, heal, and bring comfort? More so this genuine love is a true reflection of Christ in us.

So how do we obtain this love? Godliness is what leads to love. As we work towards Godliness through the power of the Holy Spirit, we grow in love and that love is beautifully sincere and pure.

“Godliness leads to love for other Christians, and finally you will grow to have genuine love for everyone. The more you grow like this, the more you will become productive and useful in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 1:10

When I ponder the shaking that the world is going through right now coupled with the violence and the turmoil in every direction, I see that there is a complete void in our world of love. Yet, I wonder if the world can see that there is true love to be found in this life and in the life to come….

More so, can those who are not of the faith identify the true believer…. like a compass directs a journeyman does our love cause people to see the true north? Have we proven to the world by our love that we are true disciples of Christ?

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: :Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35

Oh, that our heart’s desire in the church would be to live in constant demonstration of this unhinged gracious love…. To cause them to say of those that belong to HIM…. “No greater love have we seen anywhere in the world than we see in those who follow Christ.”

Since love is a rarity these days because true love transcends feelings…how do we know when we are truly affording this love towards others? True love is easily defined in scripture…and it is what the heart of every human being deeply longs for. Only God can define it because God is love.

Let’s do a diagnostic based on 1 Cor. 13~

Are we…?



Always hopeful____

Enduring through everything_____

Persisting in Faith_____

Do we avoid….




Keeping record of When we are wronged____

I am reaching towards this goal because there is no higher goal ! As we grow in love we show the world that we are true disciples of Christ. If those around us are going to see Christ in us they have to see our love for one another and for everyone else.

Will you also Let LOVE be your highest goal? 1 Cor. 14:1


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