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  1. Rest. Something seen in our fast paced culture that we view  as a rare treat or something we are told to do when we are feeling sick.  Perhaps rest is delegated to a summer vacation or a trip to the spa.  Seldom do we seek after rest or categorize it as a necessity.  Often if we think of rest we picture the laziness that comes with not crossing another item off our “to do list.”  Bonnie Gray breaks down rest in a simple, beautiful way, showing how rest is not a frivolous act carried out by an irresponsible person, but rather a commandment from the one who created us and knows what is best for our lives…The Lord. 

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest….”  Matthew 11:28

It is within the pages of her book, that Bonnie pours out her heart, sharing her journey to find rest through the only one who can give true rest for our souls-Jesus.    You will find glimpses of your own need for rest and a gentle nudge from a friendly voice who encourages you, as a sister in Christ, to step into that promised rest that the Lord beckons us to. 

I want to share one of my favorite passages from the book…. Bonnie is setting up the parable Jesus tells concerning the good Samaritan, and in it she likens ourselves to all three people in the parable…I saw so much truth in this… Found on pg. 86-87

“Jesus shows us a new way of resting in the story of a wounded stranger on the side of the road.  I’ve always read this story seeing the wounded stranger as someone else.  Not anymore.  I know that wounded stranger has always been me.  It’s the part of me that I’ve neglected, a casualty stripped bare on the side of life’s highway.  That stranger is me, too wounded to step closer to joy.  That joy-wounded me is a time waster to the Levite busy getting back to his temple duties.  The joy-wounded me.  I’m exhausted by trying hard to be useful, so I’ll never end up staring into a bag of garbage and feeling unloved an unknown-again. “


This passage spoke to me and I believe it will speak to many people.  How often do we neglect to see our own condition and we hurry right along and go back to the busy schedule of life…or how often do we avoid dealing with wounds or hurts that are inconvenient.  There is victory always in Christ Jesus, because He alone heals the broken hearted.  The sooner we can acknowledge that we have a broken heart, the sooner the one who created the heart to begin with can bind up those wounds and pour the salve of His love over it to heal and restore it completely.  Jesus is able and He will!  Rest is available in and through Christ, and I am determined to start looking at His rest with great joy and expectancy.  A refreshing comes through that precious rest… and so… refreshed in Jesus,  Amen.

Bonnie Gray is the writer behind Faith who wrote a book about her inspiring, heart-breaking journey to find rest, which garnered Publisher’s Weekly starred review. I’m taking the journey to find rest through this guidebook and invite you to read it too.  You can get a copy HERE.



2 thoughts on “Finding Spiritual Whitespace Book Review

  1. Stopping by from Bonnie’s today.
    As I was reading your post it dawned on me that when we do take vacations, somtimes we try to cram too much fun in (if that’s possible lol) and don’t take the time to actually rest. We come back exhausted and feel as if we need a vacation to recover from our vacation! 🙂


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